The best thing about The Goldbergs is its foundation in reality, the 80s music, the technology cameos…well, that’s a few things and I could continue. Showrunner Adam F. Goldberg opened up his own history to create a family-centered show set in the wonderfully weird 1980s.

The show is Adam’s story, narrated by Patton Oswalt. He’s the nerdy youngest child who captures family moments on video (just like the real Adam did). He has an older brother and sister all raised by the 80s version of a helicopter parent, their Mom Beverly. Dad Murray is a delightful couch potato with a secret soft side.

It’s exciting to start each episode wondering if there will be another long-forgotten electronic featured. Want to see a ridiculous 80s projection TV fit seamlessly into a storyline? This is the show for you!

Even though it might seem like a show only those old enough to remember the 80s would enjoy, it is perfect for the young as well. The themes are familiar: the embarrassments of growing up, arguing with family, and acquiring the latest cool things. (Except the cool things then are hilarious now.)

Perhaps the best reason to watch the show is to be reminded of another era. The shows end with a little learning moment, but only with pure charm (and an appropriate 80s song).

Four Stars

A light comedy that will put you in a great mood!