Warm up your television – Sunday, April 12 is primed to be the Super Bowl of season premieres. Silicon Valley, Game of Thrones, and Veep all return to HBO at various stages of development.

Silicon Valley will be in its second season. As a sophomore, it will be tested for staying power. Viewers loved the behind-the-scenes nature of an industry that is really the “oooh ahhh” that advertising used to be. Nobody really knows what they’re doing, but we all know it’s necessary (right?)

A new game app can become an overnight success and turn into millions of real dollars. Just take a look at “Finger Derpy” which launched today for fans of the Kentucky Derby.

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App development has a certain mystique. We really don’t know how it’s done and the developers behind them are just the sort of hipster-nerds that seem to fit the role. Silicon Valley is an entertaining show with just enough additional drama to seem real and farce at the same time.

And then there’s Game of Thrones – the show that all the app developers are watching. This fantasy is moving into its sixth season and most are curious what will happen with Tyrion Lannister. Fans of Game of Thrones are drawn in to it for different reasons.

Some fans have read the books and are watching closely and crying foul when things veer away from the written word, though others proclaim that HBO has the better version. Either way, shows based on an existing story will always work hard to meet/match or break/destroy expectations.

Some predictions that I can safely make: someone will die in a dramatic way, some breasts will be bared, and fans will be glued to their couches whether they like it or not.

Speaking of politics, the light and refreshing Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns for season four of Veep. It’s senior year! Will the show have senoritis and throw all caution to the wind?

It certainly hasn’t held back so far and our fictional President Selina Meyer could be up to some satirical drama that could almost beat the 2016 election drama we have on the real news.

And finally, the news is also in your favor if you have cut the cable. HBO Now means you can finally watch all three of these great shows (and more) without being tied to a contract.