Spoilers abound, so please go watch The White Lotus Season Two before you read ahead, unless you’re okay having it ruined. I warned you!

If you watch the first episode of season two again, you’ll notice that when Daphne exits the water, she is going into the arms of someone that seems to know her and maybe even looks a little…prepared…for her. It doesn’t appear to be her husband Cameron catching her. He didn’t start out with her in the scene – it appeared she was on her own. If it’s a stranger, the behavior (holding her close) is a bit odd. Let’s see if we can match those trunks and watch to someone else in upcoming episodes.

Meghann Fahy as Daphne Sullivan exiting water in The White Lotus season two


After the airing of episode five, it seems clear that Tanya is being punked in one way or another. The question is, how many people are involved or in on it? To me it seems clear that distracting Portia was important – she’s not on my list of suspects. From the beginning, Greg was trying to keep her out of sight. Some people have postulated that this is because he’s involved in the scheme.

But my thought is that he really is just annoyed with her presence, not that it put a wrinkle in his plans necessarily.

So what’s going to happen in the finale? We’ve been given many hints including the story about the heiress who committed “suicide” on the island near the resort.

My Crazy Theory…

Tanya becomes the accidental murderer by pushing Greg’s lover (Quentin) over the cliff after he had similar plans for her. Perhaps it’s Quentin and Jack who end up floating in the water.

After all, the Godfather scene said WOMEN were more dangerous in Sicily than guns…not men. So let’s see how this plays out on December 11, 2022!