I’m going to make an unusual suggestion: Watch episode 2 of Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang’s “Master of None” first. That’s right, watch the second episode first. It’s titled Parents and I think it gives a better first impression than the season opener. After you watch the second episode, immediately go back to the first episode so you can be sure to get any potential arcs.

Don’t get me wrong, I like what I’ve seen so far and I started with the first episode. But I think the strength really comes in when you see Aziz Ansari’s actual parents play his character’s parents. It’s a rare show that almost made me cry while almost making me laugh. I say almost because I’m a tough critic and I’m excited to see Aziz stretch into a character beyond Tom Haverford.

master-of-noneNext, this proves that I love the casting work by Allison Jones because the chemistry is good from the very beginning. Aziz also has the opportunity to act out some of the themes from his book “Modern Romance” about the role that technology plays in relationships of all kinds.

When a comedy can manage to address social issues, it stretches beyond laughs. This show manages to pull in topics like racism without feeling like a lesson or an attack. That’s genius writing and the credit goes all to Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang according to the credits.

Sure, if your idea of comedy is laugh track and “shut the front door!” language, you might have to bleep a few words here and there, but it’s not excessive and the themes are important enough to ignore any of that. And if you’re in it for a little bit of that Tom Haverford feel, you’ll get it here and there.

Will it become a classic?