There are only two things you need to know about Better Call Saul: 1) You need to watch it, and 2) Julie Ann Emery is a kick-ass Betsy Kettleman.

Bob Odenkirk has been on my must-watch list since the days of Mr. Show on HBO. His work as Jimmy McGill is very fulfilling for his longtime fans who remember him as say…Don Pratt for instance (see video below). These are the days before Saul Goodman, but with hints at the full origin story that we didn’t even know we’d love so much.

Image of actress who plays Betsy Kettleman on Better Call Saul

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Julie Ann Emery is officially my pick for rising star thanks to her genius portrayal of Betsy Kettleman. We have seen her in some great shows and movies, including the recent Fargo series as Ida Thurman. The writing is surely to be credited, but the choices Emery makes with facial expression and delivery are simply killer.

Cinematically, the show is as delicious as all Breaking Bad fans might have expected. I’m happy to see Kelley Dixon as editor. Scenes that take us even further back in Jimmy’s life are applied very skillfully within the context of the present.

When I watch new television, there has to be a “Got Me” moment. That’s the moment when I say, “Oh yeah…this show has it.” For Breaking Bad, it was when [spoiler] Walt blew up that guy’s car at the gas station. That was the Got Me. Better Call Saul’s Got Me involved [non-spoiler] Betsy Kettleman racing upstairs after something was revealed.

This show had the potential to careen wildly into dangerous spin-off cliché territory. Thus far, the team has shown that their success on Breaking Bad was no fluke and I can’t wait to see where the next seasons go (oh yeah, there will be many more).

Verdict: This is a show you watch it when it airs. Monday nights at 10/9c on AMC

Will it become a classic?

Will it become a classic?